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Building campaign!

Current set up

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary is a foster home based rescue helping animals across Merseyside. We have a network of approximately 20 foster homes spread throughout the Merseyside area.  The process of admitting animals at the rescue is a tried and tested method that we have found is imperative to facilitate the foster home network system. All new rescued animals are admitted into our experienced 'gateway' home. The 'gateway' process allows for any emergency veterinary needs and all routine veterinary requirements  (neutering, microchipping, worming and deflea'ing) and also a brief character/temperament assessment which enables the animals to be matched to a suitable foster home that can meet its needs whilst the animal awaits its forever home. 


This 'gateway' process is currently carried out in a small terraced house which belongs to one of our trustee's as we do not have our own premises.  This limits the number of rescued animals that can go through the gateway system and then on to our fosterer network at any one time.  This can cause a 'bottle neck' were we can have cats and kittens desperately needing rescue and empty foster homes but no admission pens free to accept them and unfortunately there is no scope to expand due to our current set up.


We currently do not have any facilities to rescue dogs. There is a huge over population issue with dogs in the UK and so many are put to sleep each day because there are no rescue spaces for them which is truly heartbreaking. We are keen to make an impact on the amount of unwanted and stray dogs currently put to sleep here in Merseyside and begin to rescue and rehome dogs on a regular basis, but we have no facilities to admit dogs in our current setting and kennels are needed for this to be done responsibly.  Every rescue dog should be assessed by someone experienced, and provided with veterinary care before being placed into a foster home. It’s therefore essential that we have a suitable facility to admit dogs into before we build up a network of fosterers for dogs in need.


Our hopes and dreams

We are currently in the position were our dream needs to become a reality as the number of animals we are turning away is increasing every day. We desperately need to move to a bigger, more suitable premises of our own that will enable us to expand  and rescue lots more needy animals in Merseyside..... but to do this WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We have been to view a property that meets our requirements fully and is ideal for our needs. It includes 10 purpose built kennels which when renovated will be perfect. There is also enough space to build at least 10 extra cat pens plus easily convert part of the property into a vet room, isolation suite and reception/office area.  Our volunteers have been working very hard at fundraising but with the continued arrival of sick animals our savings are regularly having to be dipped into to cover veterinary fees. We hope that by committing to a specific 'premises' campaign we can raise the rest on the necessary money needed to purchase a property such as this.


So far we have raised £62k but we still need to raise £108k so that we can move to bigger premises, where we will be able to help hundreds more animals in need, including more dogs, small animals and wildlife.


We have achieved so much from a small terraced house, but imagine what we could achieve with purpose built premises.  We need your help to make this dream a reality.


Please, please help us to help lots more needy animals by pledging a donation TODAY!

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