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Could you be our patron?

What is a patron?

Firstly & most importantly we DO NOT expect a patron to donate money.

A patron is someone who lends their name to a charity or organisation that they feel passionately about.

A patron is often a celebrity or someone in the public eye that can help raise media awareness and donations for the charity.

Having a well known patron can help lend much needed credibility to a chairty when running appeals in the media and applying for grants.

Becoming a patron of Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

Are you passionate about animal welfare?

Do you want to help unwanted animals find new and loving homes?

Do you feel you can use your position to help raise awareness of the charity?



We are looking for animal loving celebrities who can lend their name to helping unwanted and abandoned animals find new and loving homes. We are also keen on people who use social media and can share our appeals on twitter, facebook etc.


For more information about the charity and how to become a patron please either give us a call on 07952017696 or email



Meet Our Patron

Tamara is best known for playing Grace Black in Channel 4 Hollyoaks. She has also starred in legally blonde in the west end & Eastenders. Tamara is a huge cat lover & her own two cats are currently sunning themselves up living in Spain with her mum.  She heard about Rescue Me after Lucky Laurie made the news and she instantly offered to help us. She met the lovely Pagan & Precious before they headed off to their new homes and we managed to get a few snaps of the cheeky chaps using her as a climbing tree.

We are so grateful for Tamara's support and helping raise the charities profile.


Follow Tamara on Twitter @tammiew

Tamara Wall

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