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About us

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, Registered Charity Number 1157210, is a small foster home based animal sanctuary in the Merseyside area, set up in July 2013.

We primarily focus on rescuing unwanted/stray cats and small animals, however we will aim to help any animal in need.

We currently have several foster homes throughout Merseyside and we are very keen to recruit more! The more foster homes we have the more animals we can help.


Our philosophy is to accept an animal into our care based solely on its need and not on any other physical characteristic, providing we have a suitable foster home free.

We believe that by looking after a rescue pet in a home environment we are able to fully assess the animal, understand its needs and the type of home he/she will require and ultimately match them to a suitable


We have a strict non-destruct policy and will keep every animal in our care until a forever home cane be found.

* Required

We are very excited about our new venture but currently only have a handful of volunteers, with more support we can achieve things faster and rescue even more needy animals...please come and join us, we'll welcome you aboard!!!

As well as taking needy animals into our care and rehoming them we also support members of the public who need pet related advice. This is achieved by promoting neutering schemes and providing transport to the vets when necessary. We also offer free behavourial advice if an owner is struggling with their pet. Often this support can keep an animal in it's home, reducing the amount of animals needing rescue spaces.


We rely on the generosity of the public to make all of this possible. If you care about animals please make a donation today.

What we do

We carry out home visits on prospective new homes, this is to ensure that the area is safe/suitable and also provide a time for advice on adopting a rescue pet and answering any questions the prospective owner has.

Home visits are not to look at how clean a house is or what the decor is like!


All Rescue Me animals are deflea'd, wormed, microchipped, neutered  and discount vaccination voucher.